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    Done For YOU - Sugar Baby Profile Makeover

    First, we ask questions. We UTILIZE YOUR THOUGHTS and anecdotes TO CONSTRUCT a persuasive Sugar Baby profile that’s Gets Sugar Daddy’s Responding.


    Do-It-Yourself SB Profile Toolkit

    Need direction? Save time & learn exactly what to write in your dating profile with this Toolkit.


    Sugar Baby Profile Template

    Fill-In-The Blank Template and take the guesswork out of it.


    Sugar Baby Profile Analysis

    Find out EXACTLY what’s going on and get CLEAR SIMPLE STEPS on how to fix it with Sugar-Cliff notes.

  • The right words can get you what you WANT.

    Words are your least expensive, most powerful Sugar Baby Tool.

    Are you choosing yours wisely?

    Are you speaking “Sugar Daddy” language?

    Because if you’re not, here’s what will happen: your profile collects digital dust when you don’t know how to create intrigue with capturing your prospective Sugar Daddy attention and you end up wasting your time on a Sugar Daddy dating site with no payoff.


    And the only thing you are left with is being stuck in frustration (what? it’s a thing).


    And it’s even harder when what you are hoping to get (the allowance, upgraded lifestyle, becoming debt-free, or simply being able to pick his brain to get you pointed in the right direction of financial abundance) is on the line.

    You’ve been down every Sugar Daddy dating road there is...

    You tried SeekingArrangement, SugarDaddie, SugarDaddyForMe, SugarDaddyMeet, Sudy, Luxy,...Tinder, MillionaireMatch, EstablishedMen, Craigslist, even! (gah!)


    You've scoured the internet for information and followed the tips. Yet your profile is still not attracting Sugar Daddy's.


    You’re not sure if you are making some HUGE mistakes that are costing you.


    You know that if nobody is contacting you, you’ll never make it off the dating site, and into the arrangement you hope for.


    Which is usually when you start creeping the Sugar Baby competition.


    You wonder what she’s doing differently and try imitating her or *gasp* you just copied her profile. (Hey, if it worked for her…)


    And even when your profile manages to attract someone, you are being met by men who are NOTHING like the kind of person your profile says you’re looking for.


    If you are feeling...

    • Overwhelmed and confused about how to not come across as a gold digger, or someone you're not.
    • Annoyed as F*** because you don’t even know where to begin!? (Let alone how to structure your profile and get Sugar Daddy's responding? Sigh...)
    • Like you wanna be alluring, appealing, irresistible and magnetic in your profile … but then you just sound like a resume (boring) essay?
    • "Writing about myself is so hard”, “I just don't know what to say”, “I'm not interesting”, "I'm not sure if I look the part", and other BS-thoughts keep you stuck?
    • Like you wish you can have your picture do all the talking for you and finally be in the arrangement you want?

    No wonder you’re frustrated.


    It doesn’t have to be like this — AT ALL!


    You got into this lifestyle because you wanted to change your financial situation around, the mentoring, the experience... and enjoying the REAL perks that come with it. Am I right?


    It's not enough to put the bare minimum on your profile, throw in some words that you feel will make a Sugar Daddy want to have a special relationship with you. You know those “trigger words” that will somehow convey the arrangement you hope to get: mutually beneficial, generous, spoil, shopping, love traveling. And hope for the best.

    Your profile is your gateway at making online dating work for you.

    Stop looking at other Sugar Baby’s profiles with no clue on how to write profiles that attract the attention of Sugar Daddy’s. Just stop it.


    And stop putting the bare minimum to get onto the dating sites, wasting precious action-taking time, and wondering why nobody is responding to you. Seriously, stop it.


    So, here’s a better idea…


    Never again wonder if your profile is good enough to attract a Sugar Daddy. Like, never ever again.


    And for that, you’ll need the right words.


    We can help.


    Quit losing Sugar Daddy’s because your profile isn’t turning views that gets Sugar Daddy’s responding like it should. It’s an easy fix.

  • Want to turn your profile into your own personal

    “Sugar Daddy Magnet”?

    Meet your secret weapon.

  • Attract the Sugar Daddy You Want to Meet

    & Have Him See You as WORTH IT

    If you want to spend more time enjoying the lifestyle without spending years on a dating site, you must master this one skill...

    If you want to spend more time enjoying the lifestyle without spending years on a dating site, you must master this one skill...


    But first, let's play a game.


    Let's pretend you're the Sugar Daddy, and you're thinking about selecting one profile over another when you are presented with their headline to decide from.


    Which headline sounds more intriguing?


    A: "Seeking a Sugar Daddy"


    B: "I get the most satisfaction doing this…do you?”


    You can only pick one, A or B. So, resist your urge to say you hate both.


    Chances are you picked B, right? Right.


    It makes you at least a little bit curious because the novelty caught your attention, didn’t it? You’re intrigued and want to know more.


    And that's the secret skill!


    Before you can ask Sugar Daddy's for anything, you must first attract them to pay attention. And most Sugars FAIL at this.


    When everyone sounds the same...


    Take a guess what happens:


    Sugar Daddy’s start trying to bargain with you.


    "You asking for $3,000 a month for an allowance? I CAN TAKE SOMEONE TO DINNER FOR $100!"


    Of course, you know that what you have to offer is different... and maybe even a one-of-a kind experience... but do your prospective Sugar Daddy know that? Of course not.


    All they see is that you are like the next Sugar Baby asking for the same thing.


    So, naturally, they'll just try and bargain with you, provide you with what they want you to have, or not even provide anything.


    And that's why you must master this one skill to make Sugar Daddy’s pay attention. By getting them to see you as worth it and communicating your desires to have them want to provide.


    Do it right and you'll have a profile that...

    • Sets your perception and your standard for the Arrangement you WANT
    • Attracts your desired Sugar Daddy's attention and have him messaging you (Get MORE Dates)
    • Quickly move to a date, with less back-and-forth emails that don’t go anywhere
    • Makes your ideal Sugar Daddy see you as worth it
    • Gives Sugar Daddy's a real taste of what it can be like with you

    All because you appear to sound different and can communicate the value you provide.


    The best part? We can show you how...


    Even if you have been on and off Sugar Daddy websites for years with no luck.


    Even if you are worried that you feel you are too old for this.


    Even if you changed your profile about three times and still no success.


    Even if no one is initiating contact with you.


    Even if you feel you are terrible at describing yourself.


    Even if you don't know what to write in your profile and how to communicate what it is that you want.


    This is perfect for you...

    • If you don't want to waste your time being on a Sugar Daddy dating site with no payoff (or if you aren’t sure where to start there's no guesswork or “trial and error” you will have to muddle through to figure out what works when it comes to your profile).
    • If you’ve never written a Sugar Baby profile before, this is an excellent introduction to Sugar Daddy dating that will shortcut your learning curve.
    • If you attempted to write your profile but find yourself “stuck”, not getting responses, or lack confidence in your ability to describe yourself and communicate what you are looking for then this is for you.
    • And if you have been successful with getting messages, you can use our profile writing service to leverage your profile even more to attract better prospects you might have otherwise missed if you didn’t have us by your side.

    This is NOT for you...

    • If you feel like you tried everything and nothing else can help you (you don't need us).
  • So, what’s a savvy Sugar Baby like yourself to do?

    Start doing what we did (and what other smart Sugar Babies who used our services).

  • Some of our strategies used when writing profiles include:

    • Avoiding Sugar Traps that makes you appear as a Gold-Digger that will cause you to go un-noticed by quality Sugar Daddy’s
    • Creating a strong hook from the headline of your profile to the very last word
    • Creating an “About Me” that tells your story in such a way that stop Sugar Daddy’s in their tracks wanting to engage with you (gives your prospects a taste of the real you, as opposed to simply telling who you are)
    • Properly structuring your profile into sections that will keep the flow strong
    • Providing a conversational feel & the feeling of a 1 on 1 experience, making your potential feel as though he is the ONE
    • Infusing “Sugar Daddy Bait” within “the one you are seeking” section to entice quality messages and making him feel as though you are reading his mind
    • Get your prospects to take the action you want… by injecting your profile ad with emotional triggers and powerful techniques that have been tested, proven, and retested

  • You, too, can Have a Profile that Attracts Sugar Daddy’s

    And that’s exactly what we are going to do for you.

    Hi I’m Taylor B. Jones.

    I am a Sugar Baby Success Coach, Dating Profile-writing Alchemist, author, entrepreneur, foodie, hula-hoop enthusiast, founder of the unconventional relationship resource dating site, The Sugar Daddy Formula, and Sugar behind the Sugar Daddy Profile Writer. In case you’ve never heard of me **horrified gasp**... I help the lost, the frustrated, the confused, the disillusioned and the “how the hell did I get viewed but no messages?” of the world find the right words that will resonate with their ideal Sugar Daddy's have more control of their lifestyle.


    Our writers have a Passion for influencing Sugar Daddy Behavior and are trained using my proven profile formula to make you stand out from the competition. We want you to attract more Sugar Daddy’s who will engage with you. So that you get more dates and on the path to getting the arrangement you want.

    "I am truly still in shock over how quickly and how fast my dating life turned around the first day my new profile went up that Taylor wrote for me. I went from having no luck online to finally meeting my sugar daddy. If I hadn’t, I never would have met my sugar daddy. My only regret is that I waited so long to do this!" Sonya

    "I wanted to attract a wealthy man on a traditional dating site. I had setup a consult with Taylor on writing my profile to attract him. The profile she wrote changed my entire sugar daddy dating life. Not only did I have a huge increase in men, but the quality of men who contacted me got unbelievably better. I went out with a guy I met online, and had by far the best date I’ve ever been on!" Angie

    "Taylor, thank you so much for the rewrite. I love the way it turned out and the conversational tone you used to write it. You have an amazing talent for helping someone sell themselves as a real person. And I couldn't agree more about the pictures. I am going to take your advice and get a photographer ASAP." Michelle

    My profile has been up for one day and I received more views, favorites, messages, AND responses in a few hours than I received on my own for a month. You're my guardian angel!!!! Vicky

    This sounds amazing and everything that I truly have been trying to put into words.You are the word Magician like Olivia Pope and 'Calamity' Jane Bodine (Sandra Bullock)!! Silvia

  • For the Sugar Who Wants to Spend Less Time Online and More Time Living the Lifestyle

    Choose your profile game changer. You’ve got options!

    From the headline to the last word $147 (Upgrade $199)

    For ambitious Sugar Babies who doesn't want to leave it to chance.


    What You’ll Get: One Sugar Baby clarity questionnaire to refine your profile and unlock your Sugar Baby Allure to capture your one-of-a-kind voice. Two Irresistible Headlines that make a Sugar Daddy click. ONE artfully CRAFTED "About Section" that gives your prospects a taste of the real you. ONE SEDUCTIVE "SEEKING Section" that makes your potential feel as though he is the ONE.


    BONUS: FREE Photo review. In addition, we will show you how-to go about taking your profile pictures & selecting your username (Value $27)


    You can also Upgrade your Profile Makeover to include (1) 20min Private One-On-One Strategy Session with Taylor on How-to leverage your profile to gain more traction on a Sugar Daddy dating site (Value $49), How to Hook your Sugar Daddy with an initial message (mini-guide) with Templates (Value $49), and includes FREE photo review & username selection.


    >> I Need A Profile TRANSFORMATION (Open The Vault) <<

    Want to write your own dating profile but need direction? $99 [Most Popular]

    For Sugars starting out or need a refresher. The ONLY Sugar Baby Profile Toolkit you'll ever need.


    Here’s what’s included: The Goal of Your Sugar Baby Profile, How to Get Inside Your Ideal Sugar Daddy’s Head, The DO’s & DON’Ts with examples, How to Write Your Sugar Baby Profile along with 100+ Questions to Help Your Creativity, The Proven Sugar Daddy “Profile” Formula Guide on How to Structure your Profile, 10 Tips for Editing and Revising your Sugar Baby Profile, and How to Write Headlines that Captures Attention.


    BONUS ONE: The Best Sugar Baby Usernames for Sugar Daddy Dating (Value $17)


    BONUS TWO: How to Hook your Sugar Daddy with an initial message (mini-guide) with Templates (Value $49)


    BONUS THREE: “Make Him Look” Profile Photo Cheat Sheet (Value $27)


    >> TEACH ME to make it RAIN SUGAR <<

    "Fill-In-The-Blank" Profile Template $49

    For Sugar Babies who lack the words and want structure.


    Not sure what to write? This template will help you Fill-In-The Blanks and take the guesswork out of it! Comes with the “About” and the “One You Are Seeking” section.


    >> Gimme the Template! I want to Hit the Ground Running <<

    Profile Critique $59

    For Sugars not sure if their making some HUGE mistakes that are costing them.


    Get a FULL Sugar Baby ANALYSIS of your existing profile, & photos. Find out EXACTLY what’s going on. But more importantly, you will get CLEAR SIMPLE STEPS on how to fix it with Sugar-Cliff notes along with a 20 minute Consult with Taylor.


    >> Show & Tell Me How to Fix it <<

  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee for Savvy, Nervous,

    and/or Skeptical Sugar Babies:

    We want you to try our profile makeover service at our risk.
    Because we know our words will attract Sugar Daddy’s but you don’t …yet!

    If our words don't get you better results from your existing profile, we're not satisfied, and we don't expect you to pay (request your money back!) or we’ll keep testing and tweaking until we get it right. That's our commitment and your guarantee.


    You literally have NO RISK and EVERYTHING TO GAIN.

  • You’re also protected by Taylor's "90 Day Profile Warranty PLUS”!

    If you're creating a profile from scratch (don’t have an existing profile)... we can't guarantee a specific result (too many variables) ... however you are protected by our profile warranty.


    You’ll be given several different headlines to try, to maximize your results. And a FREE profile edit within 90 days IF your profile isn’t attracting Sugar Daddy’s.


    PLUS, if after the 90 days you haven’t engaged with a Sugar Daddy, we’ll offer you a no-charge 1-on-1 Sugar Baby Strategy session with Taylor (Value $297, yours FREE) to go over your approach to get you back on track.


    How is that for some sugary goodness?


    So, how much is a Sugar Daddy worth to you?


    Are you seeking a monthly allowance and you’re hoping to get $1k, $2k, $5k or more from your prospective Sugar Daddy?

    It might not even be about the allowance; it can be an upgrade to your relationships, mentorship, and doing things you haven't done.


    When you have a profile that captures his attention to engage with you — you will recover many times over your profile investment.


    EVEN if you don’t enter into a financial arrangement but you are going on dates, getting mentorship, and experiencing a different lifestyle than what you are accustomed to will be worth it and you’ll STILL make more than your investment back by utilizing our profile services to attract him.


    How can you lose? Unless you continue to hop from one Sugar Daddy dating site hoping things will change without fixing your profile issue.

  • What else can we tell you?

    Perhaps you are pondering these questions...

    Are you really going to be able to capture my voice?

    Our goal is to sound just like you. Our voice adaptability has been honed over a decade of profile writing. In that process, we’re more than prepared to be a voice chameleon and put those skills to work for you.

    What if I don’t like the draft of the profile makeover?

    In a few words: we work on it, and we’ll work at it until it’s just right. Plus, this isn’t about us or you. It’s REALLY about your potential Sugar Daddy and what will speak most strongly to him.


    *BTW, if you’re at all on the fence about hiring us, feel free to contact us or simply email us at support@sugardaddyformula.com and share what’s on your mind.


    With our profile writing service you are protected by our 100% Risk-Free guarantee. For the template, toolkit, & critique there are no refunds.

    When will I receive my Profile Makeover? Template/Toolkit? Critique?

    Full Sugar Baby Profile Makeover: You’ll get sent to a quick form to fill out. ‘Cause we really wanna know you. You’ll get our Sugar Baby Clarity Questionnaire, and a welcome packet right away - so you can get started on brainstorming the tone, style, and feeling you really want to capture. From there, you’ll receive your profile makeover within five to seven business days. *Note – If you prefer to complete the process over the phone you’ll have that option and an express option to receive your profile sooner (as soon as the next business day)!


    Profile Template & SB Toolkit: Instant access.


    Sugar Baby Profile Analysis (Profile Critique): 3 business day after receiving your submission, unless we notify you otherwise.

    Which of the four profile services is right for me?

    • Why You'd Choose Done-for-You Sugar Baby Profile Makeover: Writing about yourself isn't your thing, and you are at a loss on how to use your profile to attract the right Sugar Daddy. You want the best possible results to attract the highest quality Sugar Daddy's.
    • Why You'd Choose Do-It-Yourself SB Profile Toolkit: You want your profile to sound the most like you. You insist on writing your own profile and just need a push in the right direction.
    • Why You'd Choose Sugar Baby Profile Template: You’re not sure what to write? You're on a tight budget. You want to take the guesswork out of it and a template to follow.
    • Why You'd Choose Profile Analysis (Profile Critique): You've got a strong profile that only needs a few tweaks. You want an objective, expert opinion with proven results, because your SugarSisters aren't really helping.

    Don’t see what you need? Have more questions?

    Need other Sugar Baby Services ? Feel free to inquire by sending us a confidential email to support@sugardaddyformula.com The type of stuff we can help with and not limited to: Crafting introductions (first messages sent to a potential Sugar Daddy), message follow-ups to keep a Sugar Daddy engaged and move it to a date, and much more. We have your writing needs covered!

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