• Not attracting your ideal Sugar Daddy?

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  • The right words can get you what you WANT.

    Words are your least expensive, most powerful Sugar Baby Tool.

    Are you choosing yours wisely?

    Are you speaking “Sugar Daddy” language?

    Because if you’re not, here’s what will happen: your profile collects digital dust when you don’t know how to create intrigue with capturing your prospective Sugar Daddy attention and you end up wasting your time on a Sugar Daddy dating site with no payoff.


    And the only thing you are left with is being stuck in frustration (what? it’s a thing).


    And it’s even harder when what you are hoping to get (the allowance, upgraded lifestyle, becoming debt-free, or simply being able to pick his brain to get you pointed in the right direction of financial abundance) is on the line.

    You’ve been down every Sugar Daddy dating road there is...

    You tried SeekingArrangement, SugarDaddie, SugarDaddyForMe, SugarDaddyMeet, Sudy, Luxy,...Tinder, MillionaireMatch, EstablishedMen, Craigslist, even! (gah!)


    You've scoured the internet for information and followed the tips. Yet your profile is still not attracting Sugar Daddy's.


    You’re not sure if you are making some HUGE mistakes that are costing you.


    You know that if nobody is contacting you, you’ll never make it off the dating site, and into the arrangement you hope for.


    Which is usually when you start creeping the Sugar Baby competition.


    You wonder what she’s doing differently and try imitating her or *gasp* you just copied her profile. (Hey, if it worked for her…)


    And even when your profile manages to attract someone, you are being met by men who are NOTHING like the kind of person your profile says you’re looking for.


    If you are feeling...

    • Overwhelmed and confused about how to not come across as a gold digger, or someone you're not.
    • Annoyed as F*** because you don’t even know where to begin!? (Let alone how to structure your profile and get Sugar Daddy's responding? Sigh...)
    • Like you wanna be alluring, appealing, irresistible and magnetic in your profile … but then you just sound like a resume (boring) essay?
    • "Writing about myself is so hard”, “I just don't know what to say”, “I'm not interesting”, "I'm not sure if I look the part", and other BS-thoughts keep you stuck?
    • Like you wish you can have your picture do all the talking for you and finally be in the arrangement you want?

    No wonder you’re frustrated.


    It doesn’t have to be like this — AT ALL!


    You got into this lifestyle because you wanted to change your financial situation around, the mentoring, the experience... and enjoying the REAL perks that come with it. Am I right?


    It's not enough to put the bare minimum on your profile, throw in some words that you feel will make a Sugar Daddy want to have a special relationship with you. You know those “trigger words” that will somehow convey the arrangement you hope to get: mutually beneficial, generous, spoil, shopping, love traveling. And hope for the best.

    Your profile is your gateway at making online dating work for you.

    Stop looking at other Sugar Baby’s profiles with no clue on how to write profiles that attract the attention of Sugar Daddy’s. Just stop it.


    And stop putting the bare minimum to get onto the dating sites, wasting precious action-taking time, and wondering why nobody is responding to you. Seriously, stop it.


    So, here’s a better idea…


    Never again wonder if your profile is good enough to attract a Sugar Daddy. Like, never ever again.


    And for that, you’ll need the right words.


    I can help.

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